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Our Founder

Ashley McClellan Robinson
Founder & President

"Helping girls navigate gender, economic, racial and social barriers"


As a teacher at an urban, inner-city school the seats in my classroom were filled with students from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Being a young, African-American female teacher gave me the opportunity to relate to students that had no connection with my colleagues. It wasn't long before I found myself sharing a unique bond with many students who were deemed unteachable or a lost cause. Thus, I founded The Concrete Rose Foundation in April 2019 at Idylwild Elementary School.


As a graduate of a Historically Black University, I considered it my responsibility to uphold the motto of my beloved alma mater, Bethune-Cookman University, “Enter to learn and depart serve.” Thus, I made a pledge to serve my community by embracing and empowering the at risk youth of society. Rita Pierson said “Every child deserves a champion. An adult that will never give up on them and insist that they become the best person that they can possibly be.” Our society continues to display an inability to develop a rapport with minority youth. Thus, they are either overlooked or labeled as troublesome and problematic. When they are misunderstood and underrepresented. I believe that all children should be afforded the same opportunities regardless of their environment or socioeconomic status. The constant effort to cultivate a sense of self-worth and equality in at risk youth is my vision for the The Concrete Rose foundation. 

Ashley McClellan

Founder & President 

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