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Reading Roses  

Reading Roses is a reading initiative sponsored by The Concrete Rose Foundation. The program aims to bridge the local racial achievement gap and increase the number of minority students reading at or above grade level to help them become more proficient in English Language Arts. Our goal is to provide support to struggling readers, to help them read fluently, and comprehend grade-level passages.

Supplying the Reading Roses' Book Club!


Help me give my students 25 copies of the novel, "Dear Black Girl: Equip, Empower, Enlighten"

My Students

As a teacher in an urban elementary school, my seats are often filled with students from disadvantaged neighborhoods. I am the teacher and lead mentor of an after-school mentoring program for at-risk, minority, females in grades 3-5. Students can easily be deemed unteachable or a "lost cause" when they are actually just misunderstood and underrepresented.

All children should be afforded the same opportunities regardless of their environment or socioeconomic status.

My goal is to teach them that developing proper etiquette, public speaking skills, self-esteem, effective communication, self-love and leadership skills are the keys to maximizing the potential of all girls regardless of their background.

My Project

I have desperately searched for a book that would intrigue the girls in my mentoring group and incite a thirst for reading. It is my goal to soon have them reading at or above grade level and become more proficient in English Language Arts. They must first be introduced to a book that they will enjoy reading for them to truly understand how significant literature is to their education.

Help my girls establish a book club and read books with main characters from cultures that they can identify with and relate to.

In 2017 our county had the largest achievement gaps in the state of Florida. Only 26.7% of Black students as compared with 71.5% of White students in our County scored at or above grade level in English Language Arts on the Florida State Assessment. My girls need books that will peak their interest so that they will get in the practice of reading everyday.