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Concrete Roses is geared to nurture the goals, aspirations, and ambitions of our mentees and help them overcome obstacles to blossom into successful young ladies.


What do we offer?


The quality of being fair and impartial


Support for our minority youth


Exposing youth to opportunities and experiences outside of Gainesville


Voluntarily serving the disadvantaged communities


​The Mission of The Concrete Rose Foundation is to embrace, empower, and educate minority girls and equip them with the skills to make positive life choices.


The Concrete Roses Foundation envisions a community with a constant effort to cultivate a sense of self-worth and equality in adolescent 

minorities which will afford them the same opportunities regardless of their race, gender, environment or socio-economic status.


​We believe that developing  communication skills, improving academic performance,  building self-esteem, managing social & emotional wellness, and practicing bullying prevention are the keys to maximizing the potential of all girls regardless of their background.


The purpose of The Concrete Rose Foundation is to provide exposure and opportunities to minority youth through  mentorship, aiming to minimize the challenges faced by adolescents in underserved communities.

Our Principles



Trustworthiness | Respect | Responsibility, Fairness | Caring | Citizenship 

Encouraging girls to take ownership of their actions and accept responsibility for their mistakes helps them develop a strong sense of accountability and integrity.



Attendance | Classwork | Homework | Participation

Helping girls develop strategies to reach their full academic potential. All members have access to support programs:

  • The Academic Advocate

  • Reading Roses Reading Initiative 

After-school tutoring is also available*



Innovative | Confident | Passionate | Committed

Helping our girls cultivate the skills and qualities to be effective leaders. Mentees are provided with opportunities to take on leadership roles by serving on our Junior E-Board:

  • Student President

  • Student Vice President

  • Student Secretary


Voluntarily serving our community teaching important skills like empathy, compassion, and responsibility.

  • Feeding the homeless

  • Adopt-A-Street Program

  • Campus Clean-up

  • Care Packages

  • Holiday baskets

  • Service projects

Education Is The Heart of Our Foundation

At The Concrete Rose Foundation, we understand the importance of fostering the next generation's success. That's why we have a team of certified educators who are knowledgeable in a range of academic subjects, as well as mentoring and coaching. Our approach is different from other similar programs, as we strive to provide each student with tailored care and support to ensure their long-term success. We believe that every child has the potential for greatness, and we are here to help them unlock it.

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