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As Gainesville's only youth sorority, Chi Rho Phi is dedicated to setting the standard in the community. Our premier organization prides itself on the high level of excellence we hold our members to.

Chi Rho Phi believes in fostering an elite group of young ladies who will grow together, uplift one another and achieve greatness. We make it our mission to cultivate the best versions of ourselves through leadership development, academics and civic engagement. 

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Chi Rho Phi is built on a foundation of respect, loyalty and meaningful bonds that will last a lifetime. Our pledge is to create an environment where all African American girls feel welcomed and included, and to provide opportunities to excel both academically and socially.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships and fostering sisterhood. We are bonded by a common goal to uplift and support one another. We believe that Character, Education, Leadership, and Service are principles of a successful sorority, and we strive to instill those values in all of our members. 

Chi Rho Phi is more than just a youth sorority, we are a sisterhood. We believe in the values of self-refinement, loyalty, and perseverance. Our members support each other through thick and thin, and we work hard to inspire the same sense of unity throughout our community. When you become a part of Chi Rho Phi, you are joining a family that will be there for you every step of the way.


Membership in Chi Rho Phi is earned, not given. As an elite extension of The Concrete Rose Foundation, Membership in the sorority is reserved for those who have completed a minimum of one year in Concrete Roses Mentoring.

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